From ANDRAS JONES: Welcome to the third volume of our Radio8Vault series. For the next 8 days we will be sharing musical divinations from the 20 year history of the show.

On September 9, 2006 ROBERT SIEGEL of NPR’s All Things Considered called into Radio8Ball on KAOS to ask a question in preparation for a piece they were doing about us. His question is one we are still asking ourselves and his answer from JIM NOIR is as obvious and frightening as it was then. You can hear the piece they eventually did about us HERE. What’s strange is that this recognition of our little show on KAOS was one of the things that led to Radio8Ball being removed from the KAOS airwaves. When it came out station manager Jerry Drummond was very displeased with me that NPR never mentioned KAOS, as if that was my editorial decision, and as if I hadn’t got this beloved broadcaster to appear on our local airwaves. A couple of years later when I was the target of harassment at the station Drummond was still angry at the perceived slight and happy to support my harasser. He actually used the success of the show as an excuse for canceling it. I know that doesn’t make sense but it was the official reason given. Listeners were told that since Radio8ball was getting national attention we no longer fit the station’s mission statement.

“KAOS is a community radio station, operating under the policies and procedures of The Evergreen State College. KAOS serves the interests of Evergreen students and the citizens of Thurston County and the surrounding areas, giving special attention to the interests of people historically ignored by the media. KAOS broadcasts educational, informational, cultural and entertainment programs exploring a wide range of cultural, political and social alternatives, and emphasizing information, news and local relevance. KAOS provides training in radio broadcasting to all members of the community”. 

Radio8Ball’s time slot was filled by a blues show hosted by station management.

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