From ANDRAS JONES: Feisty Heart are a band I didn’t know before they entered the realm of The Pop Oracle. Cooper Walker recommended them to me. I think I must be a better host the less I think I know about the artists because this is certainly the most cohesive Radio8Ball I’ve produced for Feral yet. My question, which I’d only thought of that morning, expresses something essential about the meaning and purpose of this show. As always the answer is perfect and rises or descends to the level of the question. Feisty Heart are Ruthie Garibay (Vocals & Guitar) and Stuart Johnson (Vocals, Bass & Drums). That’s right. It’s just two of them making this dreamy and deceptively complex music. Let their name be an invitation to all of us. When first I heard of them I couldn’t help but think of two other great acts (Feist & Heart) but their music melted those connections, which is what a feisty heart does. The heart, the truly feisty heart, stands with fierce and gentle determination in the face of all that cannot be accepted and accepts without ever standing down. “Warts and all”, as my old acting coach W. Morgan Sheppard used to tell me. The naked truth can always be made beautiful in the eye and the voice of the artist so long as we get that perfection is always imperfect. May this be your spring. May this be your well. Where you can drop a coin and hear the echo from our yell.


Take me to a spring
lead me to a well
Where I can drop a coin
Hear the echo from my yell

Help me tap into
a voice from outer space
Take me to a truth
I can embrace

Help me find a road
with signs I can read
Help me get to
the things I need

Like understanding you
understanding me
Take me to a hill
where I can breath

I wait
in my dreams
for a voice with wings to lead me to the edge

And I search
far and wide
in everything, all of the time
Take me to a spring


I’ve been burning
under a smoking gun

I’ve been listening how
everyone’s the only one

I’ve been falling
closer and farther
from grace

Help me connect
my dot to yours
help me walk through
every open door
to reciprocity
and mental clarity
Give me your eyes
so I can see

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