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Inara George
& Peter Jesperson
Nov 6, 2017

From ANDRAS JONES: PETER JESPERSON is a real record guy. Was a time in my life when that wouldn’t have been a compliment. It is now, though still a muted one I suppose. Record guys were the enemies of my youth. A great attitude to have if you wish to succeed in the record business by the way. The difference between Peter and the “record guys” of my twenties is that Peter’s opinions are grounded in a deep wealth of knowledge about music and musicians and the actual historical record. He lives surrounded by it (SO many cool treasures), still as passionate as any fan and goddamn it, I can’t help it, I just want to impress the guy. So when I booked Inara,┬álike a kid showing off a rare bootleg to the slightly older, cooler kid down the block, I invited Peter to ask a question on her show. Which brings us back to that mercurial retrogradedness we were channeling earlier. Instead of the sweet studio at Starburns Industries, here we were on a stage in an empty concrete room. Not exactly vibey. And of course, during Peter’s podcast I go out and bring up how he’d expressed skepticism about Radio8Ball. Why do I always get adversarial with my favorite people on the show? I’m hoping it’s entertaining, generating conflict and exposing my id and all, but sometimes I wonder….And then I remember, Peter’s worked with artists all his life, and much more difficult ones than me. I think we’re good.

Dirty White

when nobody’s here
my eyes leave my body
my sex stands besides me
just me and my dirty white bones

i try and i try to clear out my fashion
to pass out my rations
just me and my dirty white clothes

turn out inside
fires and flies
stuck to the wall
not a lot to recall

playing with clothes
i’d rather go naked
but then i’d just fake it
there’s me as a dirty white bride

living like dolls
i used to be dainty
my sands twinkled faintly
but now i have nothing to hide

turn out inside
fires and flies
stuck to the wall
not a lot to recall

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