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Inara George
& Philip Littel
Nov 6, 2017

From ANDRAS JONES: I got Peter Jesperson and Eleni Mandell to be on the show because of their connections with Inara but Philip Littel is Inara’s first invite. Of course, when Inara George agreed to be on the show I was hoping she’d invite one of her Hollywood famous friends like Judd Apatow or Jon Oates to ask a question but I never force these things, and there’s a good reason, because the truth is, I’d always rather meet someone like Philip Littel. Unwittingly, Inara invited a memory she didn’t even remember in the form of a beloved elder who’s held it for her all these years. Considering Philip’s difficult Chekhovian question, and Inara’s gentle Georgian howl across the abyss in response, I’d rather have this combination at this point in the show than anyone else.

Release Me

My love, I will always love you
But never will I forgive you
For being gone so long

My heart, forever a little broken
So many nights I’ve woken
From a dream that you came back to me

So won’t you please,please, please
Release me

I’ve been best at doing the best that I can
I’ve spent my life in the shadow of a man
Now I want to be the writer of the song
And love not just a longing
And a world that is just calling me to be free

Only I know what we had between us
Some people don’t believe us
The things that have been spoken
Would leave anyone heartbroken

But nevermind I’m still a survivor
But I’m begging to be lighter
It’s all on me to set this free

I’ve lived for more than for more that 2 of your lives
I’ve lived to move these mountains aside
I’ve lived just by staying alive

So won’t you please,please, please
Release me

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