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Radio8Vault 3
Emma Patterson
& Scott Taylor
Sep 15, 2017

From ANDRAS JONES: The most recent Pop Oracle session in this Radio8Vault Episode is from September 15, 2017 with EMMA PATTERSON of the Drinky Fun Time podcast. It was only our second series of recordings at Starburns and I wanted to do something featuring several of my fellow podcasters on Feral Audio. By the way, have you noticed we no longer have the Feral Audio bumper on our shows? That’s because Feral Audio no longer exists. Now we’re on Starburns Audio and we could not be happier to be putting “Eetza Gooda Show” at the tail of our podcasts. Anyway, Emma’s show is all about drinking so we had a little synchronistic tipple to get things started. This probably loosened my tongue and had me telling her my Tom Hanks story. Emma may have been a little nervous I was getting her in dutch with her movie star crush but I think if Tom ever listens to this he’ll forgive us our indiscretions as we forgive…That Thing You Do. Emma’s answer is randomly chosen using the Radio8Ball app (currently available from the Google Play store and coming soon to iTunes). It comes up with a pretty good one performed by SCOTT TAYLOR of Olympia’s own The Hard Way. I hope you make it to the Oscars Emma.

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Brown Booze - Dino Stamatopoulos (Sorry About Everything)