Grant Lee Phillips & Mary Lynn Rajskub in Brookfield, WI

What the heck were we doing putting on a Radio8Ball Show with Grant Lee Phillips and Celebrity Skype-In Mary Lynn Rajskub at The Majestic, a multiplex cinema in suburban in Wisconsin? Well, we go where the fans want us and we had one VERY enthusiastic fan named Kelly Tanner who wanted us there, and she made it happen. Will Morgan created a Sync film about Mary Lynn for the event. I’m not sure everyone knew what to make of us but I loved hanging in Milwaukee and I had a fun radio interview with Grant Lee. I also got a huge kick out of the fact that, while we were at the theater, they were holding a “Sink Show” in the lobby, with displays of lots of different kitchen and bathroom appliances. Sync show. Sink show. Hilarious!

Past Events - Milwaukee1
Past Events - Milwaukee2

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  1. Please check out the link. It’s a great musical divination.

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